u.g.l.y. — take two

It’s Wednesday evening and I’m sitting here with my retainers in. I’m so annoyed at myself for eating a huge slice of pumpkin roll last night. You know the kind that is rolled up with cream cheese in the middle and sprinkled with powdered sugar. The kind that are everywhere around Thanksgiving time. Yah, hubby bought one on Sunday, as well as some apple pie turnovers, and they have been sitting on the cabinet for four days. Last night after he was asleep I talked myself into eating just one slice, but then I cut it the size of two, so there you go.

This morning I woke up to u.g.l.y! My face looked  like a pumpkin! Not just a normal pumpkin — one that had frozen and thawed and frozen and thawed again and then imploded on itself. You know the ones that are sitting on people’s porches right now, three weeks after Halloween! Yup. My eyes were red and the area just under my eyes was like a topographical map . . .  dips and mountains all over the place. Definitely u.g! And to help matters along, a huge red pimple has sprung up in the same area on my right cheek!

I need a pep talk!

This is all getting away from me again!

What I truly don’t understand is how I can keep doing this. I can go for weeks eating healthy and normal and committed and driven [even] and then just totally blow it.

So disgusted

So discouraged

So frustratged

So stupid

So it’s retainer time again. I put them in around 6:00 pm and I’ll keep them in until bed time. I’ve tried sleeping with them but it gags me to lay down with something so obnoxiously plastic in my mouth. Something about my airway.

If I ever do get this . . . I’ll write a book!

2 thoughts on “u.g.l.y. — take two

  1. tracy

    Take a shower, lift some weights, put something cute on and MOVE ON! It’s okay, today is a new day, and you are doing great…don’t beat yourself up…that is where the trouble starts!

    Love you!!!

  2. weighingmatters

    Yup, I did. I showered hot! I lifted! and today I’m fine. Back down, feeling better. At work this morning I kept thinking, it just takes a few days to get back on track, so just do it. .. and I did.

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