I love numbers. Not in a crazy way — I’m not into numerology -YUK.

But in a totally fun way. I love patterns. I love seeing patterns in numbers.

The other day I was ‘randomly’ [I don’t believe that for a minute!] picked [again] for a drug-alcohol screening for my part-time bus driving job. The gal who did the testing this time was the daughter of the usual lady, who I might add, I’ve gotten to know quite well, because it’s totally not random!

She was into patterns too. She loved the pattern in my social. [5858] She loved the pattern in my phone. [2222] Loved my P O Box. [777]

[Seriously, does the period go inside or outside the bracket?]

So I [went out on a limb, thinking I might have just found someone to connect with . . .] told her I count my levis going into the washer and then coming out of the washer. She’s like,”Really?” [I thought I heard something in her voice.]

No. No connection [what-so-ever.]

So, then, to just make polite conversation [since we were going to be stuck together for the next hour+ while I tried hard to produce a specimen with my diagnosable “shy bladder,” I told her how I adore numbers on the clock that are sequential. Ex. 12:34 and 11:11. Wow. Kind of a chill went through the room, making it even harder for me to want to produce.

An hour and fifteen minutes later I was able to give the required 2 ounces [this after drinking a quart and a half of lukewarm water, giving myself ultra pain in my stomach and kidneys, and having to p** for the next 12 hours.]

We politely said goodbye and I said to say hello to her mother. I turned around to watch her as she walked away and I think she was shaking her head and rolling her eyes just a little bit. Seriously?


I started this out about me liking numbers because I just got off the scale and I really like this number!!!!