I just weighed again and this number says so much to me, so much about me:

  • I was worth it. [I finally let me do something good for myself!]
  • I persevered.
  • I can do it.
  • I can take care of myself and my heath.
  • I want to eat healthy.
  • I appreciate the body God gave to me.
  • I can be a good example of healthy eating.
  • I did it the right way. I did it the old fashioned way — eating right and exercise.
  • It was hard.
  • I can do hard things.


One thought on “141

  1. Tina

    Wonderful! I am really proud of you… I’ve read your blog for a month or two now…I have related on more then one level and find myself wishing I could/would lose. I just lack motivation or direction. H E L P.

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