176-141=feeling good

OK world, I’m going to get brave here for thirty seconds and post my ‘before’ picture. This was taken in October 2005? 2006? at my Sister, Louise’s, mission farewell. I remember that day. I weighed 176. I also remember thinking I could hide behind those sun glasses. I couldn’t even really smile genuinely. Take a look at that arm. Holy cow! It has folds in it just above my elbow where I’m resting it on my Thigh of Gibraltar.

This picture, in all it’s glory, is on my fridge where I look at it many, many times a day. I have another smaller version in my purse right where I keep my money, so each time I stick my hand in there, I pull out this picture for a reality check.


Sister, Janet, took this next photo at our recent [12-12-09] Brother/Sister Christmas party and I’m much happier with it. I felt good. That’s my new pink sweater [Sam’s] and my slim jeans [Wal-mart]. I weighed 141 and just felt like I was starting to get it all together. I hope by next Christmas I’ll still fit into the same pants and that I’ll still be feeling strong and healthy. I’d really like to throw that green dress out, or give it to DI. I don’t know why I’ve been hanging onto it for 5 years!

From back left, Mel, Alice, me, Diane, Glenda, Eileen, Rob, Carol and Mike. Then front from left, Renita, Louise, my twin, Dave, and Janet. This is my family and I love each one of them so dearly!


I remember as a child seeing pictures of my Mother’s family all together, Grandma Rollins’ family, my dad’s brothers and sisters and all his aunts and uncles. Maybe in thirty years this will be the picture all the grandkids and grandkids are looking at and wondering who they are . . .