I'm just sayin' !

I know I have at least 24 pair of glasses. Reading glasses. I know this because they come in a four-pack from Sams for $19. And I bet I’ve bought them at least five times. Not to mention all the single pairs I’ve had to buy when I couldn’t find any. I’ve done that a dozen or so times. But sometimes I can’t find even one pair.

The other day at church I found seven pair in my scripture /carry-along case. People thought I was crying because of the Sunday School lesson, but I was crying for joy! Joy that I didn’t have to make another trip to Sam’s!

Brother, Dave, called Saturday morning and asked if he could pick me up a couple of pair since Albertson’s was going out of business and they were on close-out. I thanked him politely, but said, I’m sure I’ve got some around here somewhere!

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