75-25 % rule

I just heard this the other day and it made perfect sense to me.

Try to make sure that your plate has 75% real food! That means something that was grown on a tree, a vine, in the soil, or comes from something with four or two legs, something that flies or has fins.


The other 25% makes up everything else. Not 26%, not 30%. Twenty five.

That means condiments, sweets, snacks, drinks. Everything with preservatives in it. Everything. Even all those accidental bites of something you didn’t originally intend on eating but just ended up on your plate or in your sandwich.

This rule is not for everyone. Some people work better under a system that is all or nothing. And others who might also use this same approach might use different ratios–say 98/2 or 60/40. [Big wide grin — yes I go to both extremes!]

I wouldn’t dare give myself permission to eat Total Crap for 25% of my day’s intake. But it’s nice to have a little lee-way and know that “The Experts” say it’s good to be perhaps a titch lenient [to stave off total rebellion!] when it comes to enjoyable foods instead of saying No Way No How.

Heading upstairs for some seventy-five percent right now!