cellophane, my best kept secret

Last night I worked our Bridger Valley Coalition of Churches Annual Christmas Concert held in our Performing Arts Center at the school. What a gala event! Hundreds and hundreds of people united with the spirit of Yuletide wishing others Good Cheer and sharing in the Season.

It involves and includes eight LDS wards and at least 10 other denominations in our valley. Lot’s of people! Each of those churches brought four-dozen cookies. Four Dozen!

Imagine me, working around 72 dozen specially made creations, festively displayed on three 8-foot tables. That’s 24 feet of indulgent creations of joy!

Me? I did great! I’d prepared ahead of time and ate a cottage cheese smothered yam liberally sprinkled with Salad Supreme on the way to work. Then I brushed my teeth and used mouthwash. Next, the solution to the entirely successful evening:

I kyped a wrapped peppermint candy cane and broke off the tip, sticking the candy, cellophane and all, into my mouth. I just let it lay there for what seemed like an hour. It s..l..o..w..l..y..disolved and kept my mouth fresh and my mind busy throughout the evening. Every time I had to set out more cookies I was completely satisfied with what was going on in my own mouth. The cellophane made it take so long. And it also prevented me from chewing it up and wanting something else. [Granted, I nearly gagged a few times …]

Yeah for me! 141.75 this morning.

A little v.i.c.t.o.r.y!

So sweet!

4 thoughts on “cellophane, my best kept secret

  1. weighingmatters

    Welcome Lynette, I jumped over to your blog and saw that you must not have the same food issues I do! I’d be scared to death [or weight 300 pounds] to be in the cake industry! But WeLcOmE!

  2. tracy

    The wrapped candy cane cracks me up. Brilliant idea FOR YOU, but for me I would have been gagging so hard I would have thrown up all over the tables of cookies. I think I have extreme nerve endings in my mouth or something because my gag reflex is so strong! No way I could have pulled that one off!

  3. weighingmatters

    Well, when you think about it, both of our strategies work. I didn’t eat any of the cookies because I had cellophane in my mouth, and I surely wouldn’t have eaten any of the cookies if you had thrown up on them either. [big fat grin!]

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