fisher of men . . .

The other day Fisher called me and asked me to send him a ‘letter.’ We have a thing going between the two of us. He calls, I send. I usually try to send him some money. One time he bought two gallons of ice cream and some fruit bars for his family. If I send him, say, three five dollar bills, he gives one to both of his sisters and saves one for himself. He is completely unselfish and receives so much joy in buying something for someone else in his family.

The phone call:

Fisher:  Bommer, I want to ask you something. Will you send me a letter?
Me: Sure, I can send you a letter.
Fisher: Ok, Bommer.
Me: Do you want me to put some money in it?
Fisher: Uh-huh.
Me: What do you need the money for? Do you need some money to buy some Christmas gifts for your family?
Fisher: No. I need to give the money to the bishop for some blessings.

At this point I couldn’t really understand what he was saying since he was overly excited and talking a mile a minute and using words I couldn’t understand. Something about tithing settlement, the bishop, blessings and money.

Later I called his Mom to ask her what the heck that was all about. She didn’t know he called but remembered him saying “I have to call Bommer,” taking the phone, and going into the bathroom and shutting the door.

When she asked him, this is how their conversation went:

Did you call Grandma?
What did you need?
I asked her to send me a letter.
What do you need a letter for?
I need some money
What do you need money for?
To give to the bishop
Why do you need to give money to the bishop
To build a temple!

Oh my goodness. This little guy melted my heart all over again!

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  1. tracy

    Thank you for being so wonderful to him! Thank you for recording this so we will always remember the goodness and innocence of a little boy.

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