I hate Santa Claus

I wish I could get into the Christmas Spirit. Sometimes I ruin it for my family because I’m so sick of all the shopping, all the advertisements on TV, all the ads in stores, in my inbox, in my face! It starts earlier every single year. My heck before Halloween! Good heck! It’s been going on for three months now!

I yearn for a quiet and spiritual nativity Christmas. I yearn for the feeling I get when I look at my Joseph and Mary holding their infant King

I yearn for soft music from Mannheim Steamroller and Amy Grant, and cinnamon or molasses smells coming from the kitchen. I yearn for less toys, less packages under the tree, less spending on useless items, less outward celebration. More inward study. More inward prayer, more inward reflection of the grace of our Lord. More thought of what we can DO, not what we can BUY. More thought of what we can CHANGE, not what we can charge.

I hate that we lie to our children about a fat jolly man sliding down the chimney. I hate all the deception and the chaos and the money.

Everything is upside down and inside out! We can’t or don’t show love and appreciation and joy and friendship. We’re too busy or distracted or embarrassed or insensitive. But the hype that we can buy [on an easy payment plan with only 21% interest!] love and appreciation and joy and friendship is everywhere!

We keep buying and spending money we don’t have for things we can’t afford. We go into debt for crying out loud! For things that end up on the floor or in the closet or quickly forgotten.


Is that love, appreciation, joy, friendship?

I can just picture old man Satan rubbing his little scaly hand together with delight at what we have done to Christmas.