Liz and Gaby and Marilyn

I saw Liz at the giant yearly Craft Fair yesterday. She looked amazing! I said “Guess what I did! I finally reached goal! I finally got to 141 after seven long months!” She said “I’m 10 pounds UNDER goal.” I said “Wow! That’s amazing!” [The wind temporarily taken out of my sails.] I was happy for her. I just wanted her to be happy for me for longer than one nano-second.

Not to worry. My friend Gaby made a huge fuss over me. My friend Marilyn said I look fabulous as well. She had me stand sideways and said my butt was gone. I wore a Christmas vest that was 15 years old and Linda said, “I remember that from years ago!”

Very fun day!

It was great to see so many people who I don’t see on a weekly or even monthly basis who finally noticed. Friends and co-workers who see me every single day don’t, especially when my weight loss is only averaging about a pound a month. SO SLOW! UGH!

This week is a buster!

Monday: District Christmas Dinner
Tuesday: Relief Society Christmas Party
Wednesday Hubby’s company Christmas Dinner
Thursday: Custodial/maintenance Christmas party
Saturday: brother/sister Christmas party

I’m scared but looking forward to the challenge of eating healthy, tasting a few forbidden fruits, and enjoying the company of family and friends.