oblivious Jack

Jack is nuts. Jack is lazy. Jack is oblivious.

Jack is supposed to be our mouser. But no.

The other day I stuck the scoop into the cat food bag to fill up the cat dish and I saw something black jump into the air. What? What was that – it moved so fast. Just a black blur. Again, saw black movement. It was a mouse! I said, “Jack, it’s a mouse. That’s your job!” The mouse had been eating cat food out of the cat dish and Jack was unmoved. Don’t cat’s SMELL mice? Don’t cats go “What the heck? I’ll teach that dirty little mouse to eat MY food. Let me just get my claws on him!”

But no.

The mouse was then inside my mop bucket very near the cat dish. I picked up a broom and after at lease 40 swipes, chops, pounds, and clubs, I beat the critter to death.

As soon as I started screaming and pounding, Jack disappeared up stairs. Understandably.

But now every time I feed Jack he takes off upstairs. I guess it’s just the association. He must be expecting me to pick up the broom again, or something.

I went to Wal Mart and bought eight double packages of sticky traps and set out four of them. That was four days ago, and still no struggling, squirming little rodent stuck on them. So I assume we’re mouse-free

But no thanks to Jack.