ok, let's get serious for a minute

I digress.

Ok. To be perfectly honest, I’m up two pounds. 143 There, I said it.

I’ve had the five parties. They’re over. They’re done.

  • Party one. [School district annual dinner] I did great.
  • Party two. [Ward Christmas dinner] I did great.
  • Party three [Custodial/Maintenance party] I did OK. Had one slice of Italian Chicken Pizza.]
  • Party four [Hubby’s work Christmas dinner] Ugh. Not great. But I still did fair.
  • Party five [Brother-Sister party yesterday] Ugh again. I shouldn’t have had a second serving of crab salad and green bean casserole. And a slice of poppy-seed bread.

The kicker was: when we got home hubby had cooked two cheese-stuffed self-rising pizzas and I did partake! To the tune of TWO slices [and then four cheese sticks.] For Pete’s sake I wasn’t even hungry at that point, but I thought I’d just finish the gluttonous evening with four cheese sticks! Ugh Ugh Ugh.

Well. I just wanted to be honest about it and there it is in all it’s . . .  [I had to look up a word here . ..]

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you get the point . . .