the first day of Christmas

I feel like the song, the Twelve Days of Christmas because I’m just heading out the door for my first of five Christmas dinners this week with hubby. This is for my work, our school district’s annual huge affair.

I’ve taken precautions:

  • eaten lightly before heading out the door.
  • have on a tight belt.
  • visualized the whole evening — how it feels to be in control of eating.
  • committed to weigh in front of someone in the morning
  • drunk two glasses of water.

I have on a pair of size 10 black and white striped dress pants, a grey sweater that Mikelle gave me a couple of years ago that has been way too small all this time, a white and gray checked necklace on a black ribbon and the black chunky watch I made for Mikelle for Christmas.

So here we go.

It’s a food addict’s worse nightmare. All that food laid out on several serving tables. But I’m turning this into a dream come true.

Wow. That was sappy!