I can write about things other than my ups and downs as a dieter.

I can.

I wanted this site to be about my journey to b.e.t.te.r. Lot’s of different betters — lot’s of different journeys. Thing is, I’ve spent my entire adult life always returning to my weight. I’ve continually been concerned about food ‘controlling’ me. I kept saying, when I get my weight under control other things will fall into line. I will be more able to accomplish personal goals in other areas — spiritual, emotional, mental  — when my physical body is healthy. When I get my weight under control I will be happier, have a better marriage, feel like serving more, doing more, be more organized, accomplish more. And to a certain extent it’s true. I feel good. I feel more confident. I feel more energetic.

But life is far from perfect.

I just want to be perfectly clear about that.