One year ago this morning my Mom passed away. It was early morning when my sister called to let me know. We had four long days of missing her before the funeral — days filled with bittersweet moments, lots of tears, some healing laughter, a few regrets, but mostly wondrous remembering and a sense of relief that she no longer had to suffer. Several of my sisters and I got to dress Mom and apply her makeup. We talked sweetly to her and hoped she would be satisfied with how we wanted her to look for her last family reunion on earth. The viewing and services were wrenching and comforting, both at the same time. Mom looked so much like her sister, Carma. We were able to visit with so many cousins, friends and neighbors that we love.

Then we buried her in one of the worst Wyoming winter snow storms I can ever remember. It’s a little ironic, because our Dad was buried on the second worst day in all of Wyoming history fifteen years earlier. Just ask anyone!

I have so many wonderfully warm, consoling, cheering, fun and satisfying memories of her. She’ll always be my favorite person. I’ll always be her favorite daughter. [That’s a family joke! She always made each one of us feel like we were her favorite!]

Last weekend we had our Brother/Sister Christmas party and you’d never guess what my little sister, Eileen, gave me! The most precious gift — chuck full of memories. We all had a great laugh at how thoughtful and caring this gift is. Eileen somehow managed to get all of Mom’s shirts and made me a wall hanging out of them with one of Mom’s very favorite sayings right smack in the middle of it. “Good  Morning Merry Sunshine!” I remember the, literally, thousands of mornings those were the first words I heard each day.

Such a clever, thoughtful, special gift.

Thank you Eileen!

Love, me