I keep hearing, for New Years I’m going to . . . stop chewing, start eating healthy, really start exercising, stop this or that, start this or that.

Why New Year’s? [How about getting a two-day’s head start on the whole project?]

How about today? Why do we think we need to start on a Monday, a new month, a new year? Today is the perfect day to make a change, to make a difference, to make a fresh start. Today’s Wednesday, December 30, and I’m going to make a difference in a few things today. Not everything. But a few.

I can eat healthier today than I did last week. I can exercise this morning instead of going all day without even a good stretch. I can make a difference in how I feel right now.

I can stop this avalanche and get my footing. I’m only up a couple pounds and its better to get on track right now instead of doing what I’ve done in the past. Most people don’t even know I’ve messed up. So right now, at 7:50 in the morning, I’m heading to the car to get my new weights and starting the morning right.

Two days ahead of schedule!

2 thoughts on “t.o.d.a.y.

  1. Rebecca Talley

    Good point. I just try to do better every day. I have let my exercise and eating schedules relax during Christmas break since all the kids are home, but when they go back to school it’s back to exercising every day (30-60 minutes) and eating my regular, not snacking, food.

  2. weighingmatters

    I just know when I put my body and health first all other things seem easier. I’ve tried other approaches, so many others, and this is what works for me. So I can’t really afford to put ‘what works ‘off in the future somewhere. I wouldn’t do that if it were chemo or insulin, so I’m not waiting another minute.

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