to Blythe; please take note

This hat is so stinking cute! I saw it at our big craft fair in early December and bought it for Mikelle. But I really couldn’t part with it so I told Mikelle it was too small for her. Then boyfriend, Logan, stretched it on his head and proved me wrong. I still want to hang onto it so that Blythe can copy the pattern and make a couple in her crocheting classes. She’s pretty creative and I figure with her imagination and Amy’s skilled teaching, the two of them can come up with something very similar.

It’s got this little asymmetrical flap-like thing in the front with a huge expensive button that adds enough character to make the whole headdress whimsical perfection. I love it.

Blythe, I’ll supply the buttons if you can figure this out and make me a couple!

Love, Gma

2 thoughts on “to Blythe; please take note

  1. tracy

    I’ll try. When will the lesson’s start? I think the hat is really cute!
    I’m sure Amy can copy it, and it will be really fun making it!

    Love Blythe

  2. weighingmatters

    I think in January, but Amy is a pretty busy woman! Call Amy and work that out with her and your Mom. I’m excited! Love Gma

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