where, oh, where

Do college kids take the laundry baskets? I swear my baskets disappear at approximately the same time I have company. I notice a sharp decline in toilet paper and shampoo, as well. My one year’s supply of toiletries and bathroom provisions seem to curiously dwindle at gathering times. At one point I had 10 baskets. This for darks, whites, reds, levis, towels, permanent press in the three colors, [whites, darks and reds] one basket in my bed room and one in the other. That’s ten.

I just bought four more and now I only have ten. Let’s see. I’m no math major, but . . .

About a month ago Mikelle came home and she didn’t have a suitcase with her. She actually carried her humongous amount of ‘STUFF’ in a laundry basket! [It looked suspiciously familiar but when asked about the coincidence she flatly denied any connection.]

Boyfriend, Logan, also showed up with all his belongings in a laundry basket. Scott brought a huge basket but I could see that it wasn’t mine. It was bigger and kind of a crescent shape.

Stephen recently moved to his own place and I have to admit I’ve wondered on occasion if any of my baskets went to visit him.

All of this proves many things, one of which is this: I can pretty much blog about anything of no consequence. My kids are upstairs wrapping Christmas presents and I have been banished to the basement. I could post about my total shipwreck of eating today but I’d rather go on and on about nothing important. Because I pretty much ate every little chocolate snack I could get my hands on this morning. And that’s in addition to the half “Giant” Cookies and Cream candy bar I ate in bed last night!