whew . . .


Notice, no Christmas tree this year. I put everything under my darling [handmade] red table in the corner on which sits a favorite Nativity I made years ago. I wanted to take one chaotic activity out of Christmas and the easiest for me this year was to forget the tree.



What a fun day. I so enjoyed having Scott, Stephen, Mikelle and hubby to enjoy the day with. We spent way too much money on each other. We ate way too much food. We drove way too far for the movie, Holmes. [It was wonderful, though, to see Shelby again for a while at the Evanston Cinema!] Now it’s 8:00 and I’m pooped and they’re all heading to the high school for some round ball.

EVERYONE got vests. Carhartt, of course. Even boyfriend, Logan, who sports matching hats with Mikelle. We really should have taken a picture with all six of us in assorted colors and styles. Vests mean security to me. They mean future, safety, warmth, vacation, hunting, camping, fun, preparedness, quality, unity. They probably shouldn’t mean all that, but they do.