undoing stress

One of my favorite people in the whole wide world emailed and said, “I need to figure out how to handle my stress without eating badly. I’ve been trying to find a book that will give me great info on how to manage stress — any great ideas?”

Sadly, I’ve not read a good book on alleviating stress but I’m willing to ask around. My experience in reading self-help books hasn’t been rewarding. I get so bogged down with the reading and begin to feel resentful that I am having to spend so much time studying about my problem. I don’t ever get to the doing. The improving. The changing.

But I can whole-heartedly offer some suggestions on how to temporarily reduce stress.

[By the way . . . oh my heck I can’t believe I just figured out how to do that! I’ve been struggling with the ‘how’ of importing pictures in a gallery!]

This author writes exactly what I wish I could say. She’s delightful, warm, humorous and sage, having the kind of wisdom that comes from personal experience. She writes about things I struggle with. She explains what has worked for her and what especially does not. She is encouraging and helpful. I’m positive anyone who sits with her for an hour or two will not be as stressed as they were beforehand.

[I’m also just as positive that anyone who sits with her for an hour or two will buy every one of her books and end up sitting with her until they have devoured every single word she has ever written!]