What a great day! Yesterday we ran to Ogden to do a few things. I got so many things crossed off my to-do list, and did some other things that weren’t even on it.

  • got a part for my vacuum from the Sears parts place
  • got money out of my credit union for a payment on Mikelle’s new washer and dryer
  • made that payment while I got the vacuum part! How’s that for killing two birds!
  • slipped into Dillards while Scott and Andie were at the food court and bought a pair of Dansko’s I had looked at during Christmas break up in Idaho Falls. They were on sale! It took three minutes!

  • bought Scott his birthday present, a Carhartt hoodie to match his green vest. [It didn’t match — there are about six different Carhartt greens. Oh well. It looks good with black.]

  • bought a new Camelback water bottle with help from granddaughter, Andie, to get the correct color [lime green]

  • found a tire for hubby’s snow machine trailer. Scott and I had tried three other places and had given up but on a whim I tried one more place.
  • bought a darling Christmas stocking for half price that I plan to duplicate next year. So, so cute, huh Andie. We saw it last November but couldn’t justify paying $21 for one stocking! I feel much better about it now.
  • bought a few more glasses at Sam’s. These are 1.75 and used for scoring. Most of my others are 1.5 and I have to wear two of them for really close-up work. I feel pretty stupid wearing two pair of glasses, so I had to get them!
  • ate at Chuck-a-Rama. Delish! I had squash, four kinds of salad, a little roast beef, steamed veggies, green beans. Dilish, again!
  • Then got a week’s groceries at Wal-Mart on the way home.

I feel so organized — ready for the coming week. Can’t wait to wear my new shoes to church.

And I’ve had such a good week — health-wise — that I now am the proud owner of a body that weighs 140.5! [not necessarily a good emotional week since I’m still frustrated with the whole work incident!] Even after all that food at Chuck’s and having company this weekend. I’ve exercised almost every single day. And I have been ultra careful about what foods I’m eating.

140.5! YEAH!

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