Apparently the pants I wear are unflattering. Apparently they don’t connect with fashion and womanhood. Apparently they don’t compliment my body shape. Apparently I shouldn’t be buying pants with the double seam up the outside of the leg.

That’s what I hear.

I love them! They are cheap inexpensive, dark blue, fit like a glove, come all the way up to my waist. What more could I want?

I’ve tried other pants. I have. I’ve tried on the ones that flare at the bottom and drag on the floor. I’ve tried the ones that only come a hair past my hair. [oops, sorry] I’ve tried the ones that are supposed to flatter my backside. I’ve tried the ones with decorative pockets and flaps in the back, but I really don’t need to draw attention to that side of me anyway. I’ve tried the ones that cost a fortune and really do look nice but I can’t afford anyway. So I buy these. And I love them.

I actually own 62 pair of pants with the double seam up the side. Of course they are various sizes and colors and lengths. Some are at least 15 years old. Some are just a couple of months old. Some are 35 pounds ago. One pair is for the near future when I lose five more pounds. Some have the button fly and others zip. But they all are heading to blanket-ville.

My daughter’s right. I shouldn’t have bought pants with the double seam. But not for the reason she used to support her cause. It’s because I’m having a hard time sewing through the double seam to make my quilt.

2 thoughts on “apparently

  1. pseudo daughter

    You are hilarious! I never even noticed the pants. I’m trying to picture double seam pants and can’t even do it. Dang! It’s been way too long – hopefully I can see you again soon. Love you!

  2. weighingmatters

    It’s because they’re MEN’s pants. They are the ones that have the extra 6 inches from the waist to the crotch so that when I lean over you can only see my shirt, and, of course, the double seam. I’m teasing!

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