Our heater is out. Our furnace, that is. Last night when I was trying to get to sleep I got up and checked the thermostat. 65 Degrees. Yikes.

This morning hubby went to the basement and checked things out. He came upstairs shaking his head. [Have I mentioned he doesn’t talk much?] I said, “So, what’s the verdict?” He shrugged. “Cold.”

D’ya think?

A little later when I was shivering and getting dressed into church clothes he said,”You probably better try to conserve as much heat as you can until we figure out what’s wrong.”

Ok, that was a pretty long sentence.

When I got home from Church there were two space heaters in the kitchen and front room. He was gone in search of snow for snowmobile riding. I checked the thermostat. 62 degrees. Hey, it’s 12 degrees outside, so I feel lucky.

Fortunately, last summer I bought two pair of polypropylene extreme cold-weather long johns [for camping] and some zero-degrees socks. I’ve got all that on under my trusty double-seamed pants and an old sweatshirt from lost and found.

Good to go.

3 thoughts on “bbrrrr

  1. weighingmatters

    Oh, no. I’m toasty. I have gloves on. Three layers of clothing and warm socks. However, hubby is walking around in his unders. He’s a shade next to blue-white. You know his many trips out to the garage dressed like that have toughened him up.

    And I haven’t touched down on the toi-toi, so my core temp is still OK.

    I also have a rice bag I keep putting in the microwave for my feet.

    It’s all good.

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