Fisher called.

Hello Grommer. I need a calendar. For my wall. Blythie has a calendar. Keziah has a calendar. I need a calendar. For my wall.

Me: OK.

Fisher: Could you wrap it in a box and send it to my mail box? Will you please buy me a calendar, Grommer?

Me: I’d be glad to, Sweetheart.

Fisher: I really need one for my room. For my wall.

OK. l’ll do that. I’ll start looking for one right now.

Fisher: OK, Goodbye, Grommer. Love you.

Me: Love you, too, Sweet Pea.

That’s how it all began. I searched Amazon, Calendars.com., Christian bookstore, Barnes and Noble, Deseret Book. See, I want the right price AND free shipping. I could get both at Amazon if I spent $25. I seriously considered getting Office 2008 [for Macs] for Dummies but that took the price way up to $39 dollars just to get free shipping. Just as I was hitting the “Send” button, Tracy said “WAIT I have free shipping for three months.” That’s the short version.

Fisher now is the proud owner of a calendar that’s in his room. On his wall. On a nail.

I asked him. “So, Fisher. Did you need a calendar so you could learn the days of the weeks and the months and keep track of things? Or just to look at the pictures”

Fisher: The pictures.

Seriously. I could have gotten a 2002 calendar for ninety-nine cents at DI.

I totally adore this boy. My only grandson. I hope he knows I would do anything he asks me.

3 thoughts on “fisher

  1. Kari

    When she says she would do anything he asked, I believe it! I once saw her drive all over town (not even her own town) for hours looking for a bucket for Fisher. He needed it to go ice skating. Don’t ask. She finally found one about 15 minutes before the skating session was over. But Fisher knew his Grandma was Super Grandma… or Grommer!

  2. texasblu

    This is just adorable. I love it. I also enjoyed your post on your sister – I think we all have sisters like that. According to one sister I am the “Lambie Pie” of the family, but I am so not.

    Thank you for sharing! :)

    PS I’m a friend of Tracy’s that swung by for a visit. Glad I did!

    1. weighingmatters Post author

      Hey, I recognize your name ‘texasblu’ from Tracy’s Wet Oatmeal Kisses. Thanks for the drive by! Yes, my sister, Eileen, is a wonderful woman and she inspires me to be a better person. She’s not without challenges this past year, but she has born them well and increased in wisdom and faith along the way. I love her!

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