monday is wash day

It always has been. Always will be. My Grandma Smith [my dad’s mother] washed her clothes every Monday morning in a tub with boiling water and ran them through a wringer into another cool-rinse tub. Then she wrung them again and hung the clothing on a line that was pulled up and down with a rope in her kitchen.

Mikelle is washing her clothes in a brand new set of 800 series Kenmores. What a deal. Today they were 20% off and another 10% off when using my Sears card.

Logan and Hula drug them up three flights and installed them in the little laundry room.

Mikelle can now stress about something else. Her laundry worries are over!

This is one reason we had a small wedding. I told them if they would just elope I would give them the money I would have spent on the wedding. So now we’re all even!