on the prowl for chocolate

so far today:

yogurt, mangos, raspberries, walnuts
tossed salad with cottage cheese and a little ranch
two oranges
two hard egg roll-ups in spinach wraps
one small York peppermint pattie
a whole bag of 95% fat-free kettlecorn popcorn

started out good, finished up pretty poorly

i know where the last three GIANT candy bars are. they’re next to my bed in a wal-mart bag. on the right hand side, next to the kenmore sewing machine walking-foot attachment. someone told me to put dishwashing soap on them so they wouldn’t be a temptation. i know how many calories are in them [2820]. i know how many pounds that would make me gain. right now i don’t even care.

i need to get a life or just go to bed

[i need to move the candy bars away from the bed first]

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