America First
Nook and Cranny   21.15
JoAnn Fabric  6.49
Movie  44.13

Wells Fargo
Chris & Banks  111.07

Murdochs  78.72
Bath and Body  51.44
Sam’s  19.87
Sam’s  9.01

Capital One
Murdochs  544.60
Sam’s  17.86
Wal Mart  24.97

Maverik  22.50
Smith’s  7.91
Albertsons  18.35
C Banks  10.59
Abbots  9.93
Porters  5.29
Abbots  16.94
Pita Pitt  11.34
Porters  5.82
Sports Author  47.45
Deseret Bk  43.13
Bath and Body  10.60

I listed all of this so I could really take a look at how sick it is! If I were a drinker I’d be stone cold drunk right now. If I were a gambler, I’m sure the mafia would have me in their sights. I acknowledge I have addictive personality disorder. And I want to be perfectly clear and truthful with myself about this. I’m not sure why I’m out of control, but I know I am.

Time for some extra hard work at getting back to some semblance of order.

2 thoughts on “spending

  1. tracy

    Okay, now really…maybe you spent too much, but you got yourself some cute clothes that will fit your new trim body, some great books to inspire your soul, some weights to keep up the exercising and build more muscles, and some yummy, nutritious food. You do not need to go shopping again for months. So if you just remember that you will be back on track lickety-split.

  2. weighingmatters

    Thanks for the encouragement. I’m going to do better. I honestly don’t know what that was but it was vicious! I couldn’t not break loose from it’s grasp!

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