split second

All it takes is a split second to be in control, really (or out of control). The instant you put that bag of Cheetos in your cart at Wal-Mart is a split second decision pushing you in the wrong direction, but if, at ANY moment during the rest of your shopping trip, you have a split second of sanity and realize those Cheetos should not be in your cart, then all it takes is literally an INSTANT to grab the bag, stick it on a shelf and walk away. That’s it. Decision made. Action taken. No arguing with yourself, no agonizing, no thinking. Just stick them somewhere and go. Same with those leftover goodies in your house. If you are still eating them and regretting it, it only takes a split second of control to turn things around by grabbing them and mashing them into the trash and covering them with garbage or salt or ketchup or whatever. That’s all it takes. When the truffles I got as a gift for Christmas were bugging me, I wanted to eat them. But as I was taking one out of the box, I had a split second of clarity and grabbed a huge handful and ran to the kitchen sink, turned on the hot water and held the truffles under the faucet. It felt ridiculous… chocolate oozing all over my hands, making a mess, and then putting dish soap on the remains to get them down the drain… but it feels a lot less ridiculous to do that than to shove them in my face and watch my body grow new fat rolls.

Grab your split second. That’s all it takes.

[Credit where credit is due: this all from over at Escape from Obesity]