This has been a great day! Fabulous! Despite being totally sleep deprived and having several co-workers ask if I was on new meds or in a car collision, I feel great. I’ve eaten pretty healthy for the last five days — was able to totally avoid two kinds of cheese cake, ‘better than football’ cake, second helpings of orange-pudding desert and the wedding cake altogether. And I weighted 141 this morning. Still not where I want to be on so many levels. Still not exercising like I need to be, but I didn’t stuff myself or get into the sugars and sweets all weekend.

An accomplishment for me!

Maybe I have learned something after all! Maybe I do have a fighting chance to get/keep this under control. And even though hubby still hasn’t taken those last three Giant candy bars to work with him, [like he promised he would!] I didn’t eat them. I didn’t even go into the bedroom after he was asleep and look at them in the dim light of the TV. I didn’t touch them or smell them. I actually forgot about them — and that’s progress!

Right now he’s eating cheese-in-the-crust stuffed pizza and I’m snacking on walnuts. I had two fried-egg sandwiches [whole grain tortilla] and I think I’m going to be OK for the rest of the night. In case I start to lose it, I’ve got an orange and banana on standby.

hee hee hee