Week’s End

This thought has filled me up!

I’ve been studying for Sunday School. We’re learning about the creation. These words enraptured my soul! [Is that a word?]

Jonathan Edwards, an early president of Yale, understood the symbolic purpose of creation. He showed how the daily rising of the sun, and its awakening us in the process, is a witness that when Christ, the True Sun, comes, He will awaken us all from death. “As the sun, by rising out of darkness and from under the earth, raises the whole world with him, raises mankind out of their beds, and by his light, as it were, renews all things and fetches them up out of darkness, so Christ, rising from the grave and from a state of death…raises all his church with him….And as all the world is enlightened and brought out of darkness by the rising of the sun so by Christ’s rising we are begotten again to a lively hope, and all our happiness and life and light and glory and the restitution of all things is from Christ rising from the dead, and is by his resurrection.” (Quoted in Perry Miller, Images and Shadows of Divine Things

I love the heavens. I love the moon, the stars and the Sun. I often imagine that heaven will be in the sun. It is light and energy and direction and warmth and fire [so it will be cleansed and pure.] It’s huge and all-consuming and the center of the universe.