I just walked in the door from a six-day ‘vacation’ visiting both Tracy’s family and staying overnight at Scott’s with a day in between at Jackson Hole. We had a blast! I swam until my fingers were similar in size and texture to raisins and took the opportunity to scrap off every possible bit of dead skin from my feet. [Sorry, fellow-swimmers.] Several times during our 4-hour swim I went off by myself and did 100 bicycles and 100 leg exercises swooshing the water back and forth as I moved my legs accordion-style together then apart. Fisher, Annesley and I also climbed to the top of the giant slide at least 15 times so my thighs were in knots. Were my legs ever sore this morning!

Anyway. On my way to the shower, I ripped off my clothes and jumped on the scale. 141! Actually would have been 140.5 but I ate a banana and apple on the way home. I’m so relieved. I worried about going on a trip because I don’t always have the opportunity [or committment] to eat like I want [need] to.

On the way home I listened to an hour-long radio show about New Year’s Resolutions and why they do or don’t work for the majority of people. Several callers explained their own successes or failures and I was drawn to the concept of looking back, evaluating and continuing on with successes. It’s the first time in perhaps four decades that I’m not beating myself up during Resolution Time, knowing I will give up or fail altogether by the end of January.

Let me say I don’t know, I don’t understand, why I was able to lose weight this time. I had tried so many, many times before, but for some reason it fell into place. I like to think it’s because I put it out there for public scrutiny. I blogged about every single pound. My niece, Sandi expressed her recent weight loss in the same vein, “The planets must all be aligned in the heavens,” adding to my belief that sometimes it just happens. There’s apparently no explanation why sometimes I can lose and sometimes I just can’t. Because for each success at weight loss, I’ve had dozens of failures.

My challenge now is to continue on, keep exercising [hard], choose healthy foods and treat myself as though I have value and purpose on this earth. Like I would treat a dear friend.

One of my favorite gifts is YOU!

I started reading this morning about 5 a.m. and can tell already it’s going to be my next obsession. What a storehouse of information for someone searching for better health, more knowledge and a goal-oriented way of approaching a change [a committment] in lifestyle.

I don’t want to re-gain. I had lost 35 pounds four years ago and gained back 20 of them just a couple of years later. [Thus my most recent endeavor to get back on track.] Please, if you see me and can tell I’m off track, encourage me to get right back on. Please don’t look away and pretend you didn’t notice. Get after me! [I’m speaking from experience here. I’ve done that with several friends who have lost enormous amounts of weight and then gained it all back — I pretended I didn’t notice.] [Gee, I love a well-placed bracket!] [I don’t think it does anyone any good to look away.] Just say, “Hey, I think you might be struggling. Is there anything I can do to encourage or help?” And then do it.

So I am signing up right here, in front of everyone, to stay focused, stay tuned, stay committed, stay on track. I certainly hope to be able to move on to goals in other areas of my life that have pretty much been put on hold since last May: Spiritual goals. Personal relationship goals. Emotional goals. Psychological goals. Mental/learning goals. One of those will move to the forefront as I continue to stay up with my physical goals.

I’ve said to myself for years: “If I could just get my weight under control other things will fall into place.”

Well, now’s the test.

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