eilinus maginnis

My sister Eileen is rather famous. I’ve known it for years. But the older I get, the more I realize and recognize just how true that is.

You may not know her. But plenty of people do. It seems wherever I am, if I meet someone from any of the 13 towns in Star Valley WY, they inevitably know her well, know of her, or have only heard of her and want to meet her

She’s famous for her integrity, her kindness, her gentle spirit, her honesty, her goodness, her hard work and leadership, her teaching and of course, her cooking.

She has five boys and two girls, all grown, all responsible and incredibly decent people in their own right.

Just the other day, [again!] I met someone from SV and asked, “Do you know Eileen Hale?” He started to cry!!!! He said,”Oh my gosh, she is the most wonderful person I have ever known. In my entire life!!!”

I was amazed. I’m over being stunned, but I was still, simply amazed.

She makes me proud.

When we were growing up I was quite jealous of her. She was so much like my Mother. She cooked and sewed beautifully. She was popular and sweet and perfect, and, well, I wasn’t. Her nickname was Lambie Pie. Yup. Me? Dorabell!

But right now, right this minute I’m so happy to be her sister. I’m honored to share her family name and to have wonderful memories of us as we grew older, had families of our own and similar interests.

Blessings to you, Sister.