it’s my n.o.r.m.a.l

It’s so much easier to loose weight than to keep it off.

It’s so much easier to keep off weight than to have to lose it.

I have heard both of these statements lately. Both from gals who have dieted most of their lives [like moi] and struggled at whatever stage they were presently in. [moi, moi!] I’ve said both of these myself. And I know they are both true. Depending on where I’m at at the moment.

The truth is, it’s hard to lose weight and its hard to keep it off

Pick your hard! Actually, the whole quote is:

“Being overweight is hard…..
Losing weight is hard……
Maintaining your weight is hard…..
Pick your hard.”

The last month has been #@%! dang hard for me. I’ve gone back and forth, both with eating healthy and exercising, but I am encouraged that I’ve not gained more than three pounds without getting right back to what I know. And I have exercised at least a couple of times a week, although I know it’s not what I need [and want!] to do.

And even though I am back  down to 141.5 this morning, [after jumping up to 144 mid-week!] it’s a totally flabby 141.5! I’m not toned and I’m not proud.

I keep thinking how great it would be to feel toned and tight and firm and in control all during Regional Basketball in two weeks. That’s just like me. I go from holiday to holiday, hoping I can get it together or keep it together. And I’ve now added other events, family reunions, Regionals, vacations.

Yah, this has pretty much been my life since age sixteen! I know it’s not normal, but it’s my normal.