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Love these three things —

I’m trying on a few new makeups. I’ve always loved L’Oréal and Clinique but I’ve gotta tell you I love this new blush and concealer by Cover Girl.

It’s all about the texture. So creamy and smooth and moist. Cover Girl and Olay recently teamed up for a gorgeous line of swirled cream products that I am loving! [But be sure to keep the lid on very tight. I’ve heard the biggest complaint is that it dries out quickly.]

Available in four shades these bold and creamy blushes apply so easily with just a swipe of the finger and blend in beautifully. I bought two colors, Royal Plum, because I always buy plum in Clinique’s blushes, and Rich Cinnamon.

[I’m remembering that day in December when two of my favorite people were trying stick concealer for the first time and slightly resembled Aborigine warriors at a tribal celebration.]

I put on my regular make up base [L’Oréal] and then lightly dab on the concealer under my baggy eyes with my ring finger [presumably because it’s the finger with the least strength and so it doesn’t pull the skin as much.] Then dab on the blush and blend it in. Voila!

The best I can do for almost sixty!

Also loving the Ghirardelli Intense Dark™ chocolates.

It’s the best medical news in ages. Studies in two prestigious scientific journals say dark chocolate — but not white chocolate or milk chocolate — is actually good for you. It needs to contain at least 70% cacao. Of course that doesn’t give anyone persmission to binge on the dark stuff. One square! If health is your excuse for eating chocolate, remember the word “moderate” as you nibble.

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  1. Tami

    That’s great – I’ll have to try it. I need as much help as I can get with these things! Man, I had read your post (annoying, I think) and then have checked back here several times with nothing new.. Now all of a sudden you are going crazy with posts! I read the other one that I commented on earlier today and didn’t realize on all the great stuff you had said before that. So… I missed the whole bracket post. Ya, I can totally see that you would like things straight. I use hyphens alot. Don’t really care if I or anyone else writes ‘correctly’ – I prefer to write like I talk… and hear you in your posts. Camille is right – everyone needs an Aunt Dorothy, or a cousin Dorothy! :) Love you

  2. weighingmatters Post author

    Yah, I’m starting to wonder what’s up. Did you and Camille and Tracy have a conference call and decide to comment? I go for weeks without a word, and suddenly you three are reading AND leaving me little love notes! I got seven in one day! Sugar Diabetes! Thank you!

    PS: I’m also trying to keep myself out of the kitchen, thus the many posts today.

  3. admin Post author

    Well, again, thank you!

    I adore all you guys, too!

    How is that new babe? How in the world do you do it? You’re amazing!

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