new titanium knee

Hubby just had a total knee replacement and is recovering nicely in the Evanston Hospital with his own personal pain pump. He’s known he needed knee work for about twenty years but has managed to put if off longer than he should have. He ripped up his knee in 1987 — clear last century! After four [count them!] scopes, he finally decided to get it done right. He was trying to talk himself out of the procedure on the way over to the hospital at 6 a.m. this morning!

Surgery was three and half hours, a full hour longer than expected, due to the huge amount of arthritis they had to carve out. Dr. Peterson explained it was so full of arthritis it slowed the process down and caused a few complications fitting the new titanium hardward into the joint area. He said three days in the hospital and we can get him home to his own bed and weeks of PT.

I truly believe anytime a man is having surgery, the wife should be sitting in a workshop learning how to deal with all the frustrations that are heading her way. Guys don’t deal well with pain.