accidental diet

You know the little piece of triangle-shaped skin immediately behind your two front teeth? What’s it called? Papillae? It’s not to be confused with the little triangle of skin under the tongue. Nor the little triangle of skin between the front teeth and upper lip. [I know that one: it’s the upper labial frenulum.]

Well, whatever the proper name, mine is hanging. It is so dang painful I can’t explain. My tongue keeps accidently touching it and waves of pain roll through the top of my mouth, up into my nose and sinuses.


How did it get cut? Well, I’m not proud of this. I grabbed a bunch of chips off the top of the fridge and stuffed them in my mouth. One chip must have broken off in the shape of an arrowhead, or at the very least, a miniature spear. Right as I was chomping down [in a rush so no one would know I had raided the chip stash and stuffed a gargantuan amount in my mouth] a piece of the spear embedded itself in between the little triangle of skin and the back of my front teeth and dislodged the skin. It’s hanging down approximately 3/8″and while I have faith in my body healing from this injury, it’s not doing so quite fast enough for my personal pleasure.

I ate very little yesterday; every bite reminded me of my greedy, unhealthy bender. The slightest amount of salt sent me reeling. And when I brushed my teeth I nearly cried.

I thought for a moment this might be the answer for those of us who find it hard to diet. Just clip that little piece of skin and you won’t be eating anything for at least a week!

I’m kidding. You know I’m kidding, right?

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