so enough already!

I just want to say one thing.

I am tired of people telling me how tired I look.

The past two weeks I’ve heard it more than enough!

I have adult onset allergies. I work with chemicals every singe day and I work in an area with trees and plants in the seven planters in our commons area. My eyes water. My nose drips.

I dab.

I also come from a family with ten generations of baggy eyes. We all have that tell-tell sign of the Rollins’ darkish, droopy semi-circle under our orbs. So enough already!

Yah, I’ve been avoiding people lately. And when they see me, my eyes are watering. They say “Are you alright? Are you OK?”

I say, [I just make up something . . .] “Oh I’m just tired,” thinking they will leave me alone and let me get some sleep get back to my work. But NOOOO. Then they say, “You LOOK tired! Oh my goodness are you getting enough sleep? You really look terrible! You should go home. You should not be out in public!” [OK. Maybe I made some of that up.]

Just makes my day every single day. Then I hurry into the employee bathroom where I keep my makeup and hair things and I dab on more concealer and lip stick and blush and try my hardest to go out and face the world in my unbecoming state.

I just want to say one thing.

I am tired of people telling me how tired I look.