so Me!

I may have [somehow] turned a corner! For some reason this week has been much easier than last. I’m exercising. Monday and Tuesday was easy to go lift. I didn’t have to convince myself. Usually I have a long conversation with the two sides. The one side is always so positive and energetic and responsible and cheerful, and, so Me. The other side is argumentative, negative, pessimistic, grumpy, lazy, procrastinating, and, so Me.

I hate all the arguing.

And it’s never as hard as I imagine it will be. Once I get in there and start lifting, counting, sweating, and noticing how good I feel and how little time it really takes, I feel great!

Eating has been easy, too. I’ve got so much healthy food around here, that’s fallen into place, as well. I cooked up all those mushrooms, celery, bell peppers and onions the other day and I’ve used them for three days. Delish! Oranges, avocados, apples and bananas have been my treats and desserts. I’ve had a couple protein shakes [from back when I thought I would up my protein a little] and I have the one little square of Ghirardelli Intense Dark Chocolate once a day. [It really does taste pretty nasty but it’s doing the job for me. . . I get the little chocolate fix I must be subconsciously seeking] By the way. Don’t wash your chocolate down with milk. If you are going to all the trouble of buying 70% cacao, for the health benefits and antioxidants, milk will inhibit any good that may have occurred. So no milk with it!

Weight this morning: 141.5

The one side of me says that’s pretty darn good. The other side of me says, that’s nothing to brag about. You should be 130!

Yah; so Me. [sigh.]

2 thoughts on “so Me!

  1. tracy

    Hilarious! You crack me up…of course, you know that since you make me p** my pants on a regular basis!

    Way to go – you deserve a great week – way to make it happen!

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