tracy & jessica

This is a big thank-you to my two new best friends. Thanks for all the time you spent making me a new site. Thanks for all the work on block quotes [love them!] Thanks for changing the colors and cordinating them with the theme. Thanks for all the little additions, the hovering devices, the calendar and Recent Ruminations. Thanks for the tan division bar with the little red border. Thanks for the cute search box outlined in orange matching the letters and petals up on top. Thanks for trying hard to change the “camping green” to another color and then calling it camping green instead of “throw-up” green. Thanks for the cute color coordination on the comment boxes. Thanks for staying up all night and surprising me!

Love you!
Love me!

2 thoughts on “tracy & jessica

  1. tracy Post author

    You are so welcome! I learned a lot of new skills and had fun making it just how you wanted it. I am still way behind on sleep though! I can’t believe I didn’t go to bed till 6 in the morning!

  2. jessica

    Tracy did it all, I just sat here and lazily typed instructions while watching my hives spread around!

    I once taught a how to blog class where I told everyone ditching their free blog and getting their own domain was like growing up and getting to wear big girl panties. Hahah, so! Enjoy your big girl “pannies” as my daughter would say.

    Oh dear, this is what happens when I stay up to late. I write about underpants.


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