update on the E/G day

I was out of control. I was moody, grumpy, frustrated, eating junk galore. I didn’t like or respect myself much. I was watching too much TV and not accomplishing anything of value. And it was time for things to change.

Thursday I did egg/grapefruit. Yesterday I ate healthy and drank plenty of fluids. Today [Saturday] I feel energized, even a little perky! I’m in the mood to tackle every project in my home. I’m optimistic. I’m happy. I’m totally lucid! [family joke.]

I feel like I have every single gram of sugar out of my system. I feel clean!

I feel strong and in control of cravings and unwanted thoughts of binging, eating junk food, or blowing it. My wedding ring isn’t stuck. I can actually get it on and off today. [This is and always has been the ultimate test of how my day is going, sugar-wise.]

I’m back.

This is me!

And I just weighed.



I want to stay right here the rest of my life! Hmm. We’ll see.