Week’s End

This morning I drove from Logan to Lyman at 7:30 a.m. I wanted to get home in time for the meetings in my own ward. I’ve learned I love my ward, my people, my bishopric, my bench. I love my neighbors, my friends, my sisters, my gospel doctrine teacher.

I could have stayed in Logan. I could have worn something of Mikelle’s and been just fine. But I wanted to be in my ward.

This comes as a surprise to me because just a few weeks ago I wanted to be anywhere BUT my ward!. I was still frustrated with someone and wasn’t comfortable seeing her on Sundays.[I’m all over that, finally.] For four weeks I attended the two other wards in my building. I wanted it to be the same — after all, it’s not like I was staying home on the Sabbath; I was attending!

But it wasn’t the same! I was in the same building. I was with people I have known for the past thirty years. People I love and admire. People I have connections with in other areas of my life. People I work with or see several times a week. But it wasn’t my ward.

This morning everything was back to normal. A dear friend who gave me a big hug last week was there. My friend Teri and her two daughters sat on my row. Several friends asked about hubby and his knee replacement, all offering help, meals and support. A new sister in the ward taught the lesson and I’m so glad I didn’t miss it. She’s a phenomenal teacher! A visitor cried as she poured out her heart and thoughts about stay-at-home mothers who have so much to give and contribute to society. She touched us all. The music was wonderful! Two darling little sisters, age 4 and 7, sang a Primary song [“I Lived in Heaven a Long Time Ago, It Is True”] during our Relief Society lesson. We had a great discussion about Abraham and the Abrahamic Covenant in Sunday School class. The Westons’ spoke in Sacrament meeting about having a good foundation in our lives, in our families.

It was an extraordinary day.

I’m sure most people feel the same way. I’m sure they have important, supportive, special, uplifting connections with others that are monumental in their lives. I’m sure they have a network of sisterhood, devotion, love and friendship. I’ve always known I had it.

I just didn’t realize how significant it was in my own life.


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  1. tracy

    I’ve always felt that way about your ward too. Maybe someday I will live somewhere long enough to have that feeling again in our ward.

    I am so glad you learned these lessons – you should compile it into an article for the Ensign!

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