I took a few [really bad] pictures of our craft and decorating spree we went on in Logan. There’s a darling shop called “Sugar and Spice” [much like Quilted Bear.] And we found some cute things to add to Mikelle’s already cute apartment.


This picture surely does not do it justice. But it’s in a grouping with a black clock and a little canvas box with a black and white ribbon and meaningful words:


We also bought a bright red wreath to go with her other red things. She has black, red and sage all over her house.


We moved the sage green table with red runner over behind a chair sat at an angle to kind of incorporate it into the living room


And then we bought a too cute carrot and filed it with daisies. Not kidding. I went to five stores to find the right ones. Two Wal-Marts, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, Shopko, and then back to the Sugar and Spice boutique where we saw them first but thought we could find them cheaper. Yah, twenty dollars in fake white daisies! But so worth every penny!


We bought two kinds of wired ribbon to finish it off. So so cute.

Then Logan made homemade chicken noodle soup and we had a great Sunday dinner. And I made famous banana bread. No wonder I’m feeling so on top of the world today! It was a delightful weekend with my girl.


[The walls are not pink — they’re off-white and the runner is not orange, it’s bright red. The only orange thing is the carrot — rightly so! Sorry about the lack of quality and colors of pics.]