[I know I’m not supposed to post about posting, or blog about blogging. Rule #1 in the blog-o-sphere!]

One of the hardest things about posting is figuring out a name and category for each one. I’ve neglected categorizing the last thirty or so and just went back to fix them in my edit box. But I’m here to tell you I really should take care of it while it’s fresh in my mind. It’s much easier then. I just assigned a category to ten or so and I’m really not sure they even fit but at least they’re done. I have a default category of “weight just a minute” [notice, 9 lines up in green] for anything I forget to assign, and in reality, I am weighing all kinds of things that happen each day and things I obsess about and things I need to do for health and wellness. And the weight just a minute seems to fit my whole life. But it would make it so much easier to find a post down the road if I have an idea what group I have assigned it to.

Tracy told me it drives her nuts to see me use the same subclass over and over, so I’m really doing it for her, since I rather doubt anyone else cares much about how things are divided up. In fact when she and Jessica set up this site, Tracy gave me an assignment to fix thirty or so of them a day. And I did for a while, but, that got quickly.

So, I’m inconsistent. But I stated that way up front when I first described myself as “imperfect, inconsistent, intolerant and inadequate in most things” in my “Who Am I” area. And I haven’t changed much in those department.