Fabulous weekend! The moon is be-u-tiful! I loved it on Friday when it was at the same point in the eastern horizon as was the sun in the western. Both were up about one third of the sky’s expanse. This morning when I went to work at 5 am it looks almost full and lit the sky enough that I could walk without the porch light.

Healthy food for three days! I feel cleaned out and fresh. I feel energized and have already done 120 arm reps and 120 various crunch-type abs. I’ve got water and vitamins sitting out and I brought my fave yogurt, peaches and raspberries.

I feel so, so good.

Can’t explain it [You’ve got some splainin’ to do, Lucy!] [from the old I Love Lucy Show, in case you’re born after 1975.] All I know is I’m going to take full advantage of the wonderment and excitement that’s all around and treat myself accordingly. No garbage, no sugar, nothing white — I feel strong and motivated. [we’ll see.]

I finished two crafts and got a great start on four others. I love love love the frames hubby made for me Saturday and have them all painted and ready to finish. I feel a creative streak coming on and it’s as fun as having a baby!

Weight? Not where I thought it might be this morning. 145.5. But I’m not devastated. I’m optimistic and encouraged and hopeful and ready.

Ahh, hear the Canadian geese overhead? Love it! They’ve got what I want for myself. Direction, freedom, fresh air and sunshine. Togetherness, commitment, travel, Spring. They know when to push themselves and when to take a break. They only eat enough for the journey and work it off every day. They talk to each other and laugh! They inspire.

OK, pretty corny. I’m loving this feeling.