not actually sayin’

2 slices great harvest bread
4 cheese sticks
1 entire package of white cheese rice cakes
2 frozen coconut bars
2 frozen pomegranate bars
1 entire 86% cacoa bar [4 servings]

I’m not saying I actually ate that yesterday afternoon and evening. I just wanted to look at it in black and white. I want to walk around it and look it up and down and really think about how many calories, how many grams of fat and sugars, how many hours of processing must have gone in to the manufacturing of it all. I want to look at it objectively and see it for what it is. I want to analyze it and perhaps be able to walk away from the whole thing a little smarter.

One thing I notice right off is there isn’t an evening meal there. There is no planning and no setting the table and no nice dinnerware. There isn’t a glass of ice water and a napkin or a prayer.

The other thing coming to mind is it looks lonely or maybe angry or frustrated. Or maybe that’s some personification going on in my own mind.

I notice, as well, that everything, save the pomegranate bars are kind of beige, tan, colorless. Oh, and the cacao. [Seriously, that’s how they spell it on the package.]

This evening I have my retainer in. I’m making better choices and I’m feeling like I can get through the hours. I’m being productive and responsible and active. I’ve got projects and chores going on all around me. I’m seeing things more clearly for what they are and I’m acting like an adult. I’m more proactive with my feelings, my attitude, my energy level, my stewardships and my obligations to my self.

Yah, I’m not saying I have anything to do with that list. Maybe it’s a shopping list, who knows. Maybe it is a list of what not to eat.

My list today looks a whole lot better!

2 thoughts on “not actually sayin’

  1. tracy

    Kidney infection…again…I am determined to eat healthy and nourish my body so I can stop getting these annoying painful infections. I have drank so much water today that I think I have been to the bathroom at least 100 times…feels like 400 hundred times! Are the pomegranate bars so addicting that I shouldn’t even try one? They sound so yummy, but I am easily addicted to things, so I don’t want to try it I won’t be able to stop with one…or two.

  2. weighingmatters Post author

    Delish! I wish I had a kidney infection or at least a three year old to nurse!

    [By the way, why do you think I even know what they taste like? Did I admit to that? It’s just a list!]

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