all under

Years ago there was an ad on TV that said “I feel good all under!” Over and over.

I think it was for Hanes underwear. The guy was at the park in his tight form-fitting T-shirt. He was at the locker room in his made-to-fit briefs. Michael Jordan eventually took over the ads and was shown in various poses and places in beautiful, colorful, extreme unders.

I remember saying I felt that way too. I felt good all under. I felt like my soul, my spirit and my skin were some how aligned. I felt like my emotions were appropriate and my insides were fit, physically. In was in sync.

It had nothing to do with my underwear.

Today, this morning. I feel the same, again. I feel great. My spirits are high. My emotions are in check. [correction: they are on a high as well!] My physical well-being feels balanced. I like the way I looked in the mirror when I did my hair and makeup. [A total rarity — but I accept and like how I look today.]

I feel OK that I’m an almost 60-year old woman with beautiful grandchildren and a [pretty] full life. I feel as though I’ve made contributions to the world. I’ve accomplished. I sense as if [even though I am so far from perfect, or prepared for what might be ahead of me, and haven’t lived to my full potential] I’ve done OK.

No regrets this morning.

And that’s an awesome, peaceful, warm feeling — all under.

[At the scale, I’m still 143. I’ve eaten completely healthy for three days and exercised for two.]