as predicted

143 this morning. It’s not amazing or anything like that. It’s physics. It’s common sense. It’s logical. When I eat healthy and don’t eat after 6-7 p.m. and drink my apportioned water and vitamins, things go well. When I have positive self-talk and remain focused and committed, things go well. When I write down my goals and remind myself periodically through out the day, things go well.

So I’m  not surprised.

I just have to put in the effort many days in a row in order to continue having good results and ** stop altogether ** the times when I’m not focused, not true, not conscious, not dedicated, not centered.

I like how I feel and look at 140 and it’s worth all it takes. Now if I can just get my exercising back into the day, I’ll have this little uprising under control.

Three more pounds and I’ll be back to where I want to live. Please don’t you dare scoff about three pounds. They can be just as hard as 20 pounds. In fact I’ve had more trouble with the pounds at this end of the spectrum than I did at the other end. They are pesky, ever eager to jump right back on and seem to always be lurking in the background.

Goal for today: eat consciously, eat healthy, eat for nutrition, eat for health and wellness.

And get my lazy butt into the weight room for 20 minutes!

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