What am I thinking!?!

I’m going to Mexico in a little over two months! It’s bikini season! Well,  for me, that means it is capri and [not too] short  sleeve season. I’ll be showing a little ankle there and I don’t want fat ankles.

Come on girl. That should be a little motivation!

Actually, yesterday was a great day! Poached eggs on Great Harvest. Steamed veggies in a couple whole wheat wraps with a dollop of cottage cheese. And I nursed a Slim Fast on crushed ice the rest of the evening. You know what? I can’t actually sit here and say that was a great day. When I look at it, see it in black and white, I neglected some important things. I should have had more water, I should have taken my vitamins, I should have had more lean protein. Probably should have tossed in a fruit or two. Should should should.

I know better than to cut back that far, because it causes the boomerang effect and I usually go the opposite direction the next day. [Maybe it should be called the pendulum effect.]

Gotta be extra conscious today!

Weight: 144.5. Still some u.g.h.s going on here. [Why did I even bother to try to conceal my weight yesterday? There it is. Yuk!]

I need to exercise. All I did yesterday was clean and paint crafts.  So, so cute!

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