dear tracy

Dear Tracy –

That was a really bad thing to do. I don’t feel sorry for you anymore, even if you did get hit by an ***. I feel sorry for me! You called me and said, “UUUMMMM, oh never mind, I can’t tell you!” What?? What was that about. You called me to tell me you can’t tell me something?


I did not call you and say, for instance, “Hey, is there anything you can’t tell me? I was just wondering.”

I didn’t know anything about what you couldn’t tell, until you called me to tell me you couldn’t tell me . . .



[of course I’m kidding]

2 thoughts on “dear tracy

  1. tracy

    Sorry ’bout that! I was going to tell you something hilarious, but then I remembered that I told the other person involved that I wouldn’t tell. Since I tell you pretty much everything I forgot that I couldn’t tell you this. I was pausing so long because I couldn’t decide whether to tell you anyway or to keep my promise…I finally decided to keep my promise…SO SORRY!

    Love you!

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