deodorant, combs and great harvest

I notice when I go to Tracy’s or Mikelle’s we have so many of the same products and brands. For instance, we all buy the same deodorant. We have the same [and I mean the very same] combs. Tracy and I buy them at WINCO and Mikelle just takes mine. We have the same hair spray and lotion and lipstick and eye shadow. Mikelle and I have the same toothpaste. No one has the same toothpaste as Tracy. Hers is licorice or something like that — some really odd brand she gets from the co-op. We all use Listerine. Mikelle and I use Tide [or Western Family] and Downy. We often buy the same cereal and the same crackers. Tracy and I get our grains from Kitchen Kneads. We have made the same ‘homemade’ laundry soap. We like the same Daisy brand sour cream. Mikelle and I like the same yogurt. We all like Great Harvest. We all like Coldstone.

Tracy and I like to shop at Eddie Bauer. We also like Christopher and Banks. We both have Teva and Keen and Dansko shoes. Mikelle cuts our hair and and highlights it and waxes our brows. Tracy’s and my web site are similar. Mikelle and I have a pair of the same exact black shoes from Dillards. Mikelle and Tracy have sage, red and black in their homes. I’m slowing heading in that direction. All three of us have the very same little accent tables in our homes. We have exactly the very same calendars!


It’s comforting to me, as a mother, to have these similarities in our lives. I’m sure it’s the same all over the world — daughters grow up and move away, but keep little things in common with their moms.

Little tiny [probably silly] special connections I cherish.